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Loud Reality Records is an independent record label based in Detroit, MI. It was established in the Metro Detroit area after longtime friends, Brandon “Keyloh” Gorgies, and, Goran “DAYXIV” Dimic, decided to turn their music dreams, with DAYXIV being a singer/songwriter and producer, and Keyloh being a producer, into their LOUD REALITY. Founded by Keyloh early on in the millennium, and shortly after, DAYXIV joined in, initiating the business partnership, and thus complementing the power team’s foundation of expertise skills set to include not only music production, but songwriting and performance as well. Loud Reality Records offers a diverse selection of services for music production needs. Some of the services offered, include but are not limited to: Signing and Representing Artists, Studio Time, Music Mixing, Song Writing, Music Production and potential Collaboration Work with already –signed artists. The Detroit-based independent record label has already signed numerous new artists, and plan to continue their artist expansion as the year continues to unravel more and more creative projects, of which the team at Loud Reality Records assures will stir up the music industry in 2017. With many fresh artists added on to the list of Loud Reality’s talents, be sure to keep a look out for new releases and tour dates coming out, so you don’t miss your chance on experiencing music, the LOUD REALITY way. Loud Reality Records’ main men in charge, I.D. and Keyloh, look forward to seeing how their rejuvenated approach to music making will impact not only the Hip Hop scene, but the music industry as a whole. If you are interested in genuine music production that consistently strives to incorporate real messages behind the tunes, then Loud Reality Records is the music spot for you. Exploding on the music scene with a dose of LOUD REALITY could be the upgrade your music needs to rocket to the top!

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